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Conference Day 1

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08.00 Registration
09.00 Chair’s Welcome Remarks Lassaad Fridhi
09.10 Implementing the GDPR: Where Are We Now? Nina Barakzai
Group Head of Data
Protection & Privacy
With the May 25, 2018 GDPR implementation deadline looming, getting the final stages right is key to ensuring compliance. In this session, we’ll take a look at where the privacy community is now and what further guidance the regulators have shared to help provide you with a roadmap to implementation.
09.40 Staying Ahead of the Cyber Threat: Understanding What’s on the Horizon Lassaad Fridhi
Senior Director,
Chief Compliance &
Information Security
Officer C Space
• Lessons learned from recent attacks: What we’ve learned and how we should prepare
• Effectively blending regulation with IS to ensure compliance
• Showing the value in getting investment in cyber security
10.20 Networking Break
10.50 Data Mapping: Understanding How Data Flows through Your Organization Samantha Simms
The Information
• Understanding the data you collect and process and where it flows
• For what purpose is the information being held?
• Coordinating with business units to track the flow of data
• Who owns the data?
• Utilizing data mapping to improve process and internal efficiency
• Maintaining and updating your data map
11.50 Understanding How the GDPR Has Changed Consent Judith Beach
Senior VP, Senior
Counsel Regulatory
& Government Affairs Global Chief Privacy Officer
• Breaking down consent: How should you be interpreting it?
• Understanding your organization’s legal basis for consent
• Effectively offering your data subjects the opportunity to consent or opt-out
• How are regulators viewing consent?
• Establishing a legal basis for processing activity
12.30 Networking Luncheon
1.30 The Role of a DPO: Integrating the Role into Your Business Dan Manolescu
Global Privacy
Counsel & EME Data
Privacy Attorney
• Determining if you need to appoint a DPO
• Understanding the duties, obligations and liabilities of the DPO
• Avoiding potential conflicts of interest
• Working with the regulators
• Future of the DPO: what to expect post-implementation
2.10 Managing the Resources of Your Privacy Program John Howie
Chief Privacy Officer,
Consumer BG
• Getting stakeholder buy-in for your privacy and security program
• Demonstrating your value: Showing the ROI on investing in privacy
• Elevating the importance of data privacy within your organization
3.00 Networking Break
3.00 Finding the Benefits of the GDPR: Using the PIA Process to Improve Your Privacy Program Dr. Anna Zeiter
Head of Data
Protection & Data
Protection Officer,
• Determining what standards to follow when conducting your PIA
• Identifying different categories of risk for your organization
• Privacy by design: Embedding data protection into your business processes to drive
greater efficiency in your privacy program
• Understanding what the regulators are looking for
• Documenting the PIA process
4.20 Keynote: Establishing an Ethical Framework for the Use of Data


Lisa Martinelli
Vice President, Chief
Privacy Officer
Highmark Health

• Who owns the data?
• How AI is changing the way we process data
• The implications for consumers on the secondary use of data
5.00 Close of Day One Lassaad Fridhi

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