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The Quickest & Easiest Way to Mattress

The answer to this question depends on what one likes. Someone who buys a mattress exclusively searches for a mattress without a wire core, and someone just decides for them. Each variant has its own advantages and we cannot say that one is good, and the other is not good. That’s why, in order to help you decide more easily, on this page we will outline the basic characteristics of all three categories of mattresses we offer in our offer.

Foam mattresses and their advantages

Today, the foam mattresses have largely replaced the mattresses of the classic wire Bonn ell core. The development of technology and modern foam materials has contributed to the springs slowly going into history.

Bonnie foam mattresses are made from:

  • Latex foam
  • Memory foam and
  • HR foam

Latex foam

  • Thanks to its excellent latex properties, today it is one of the most prestigious foam in mattress making.
  • Latex foam mattresses appeared in mid-1950 and were considered one of the healthiest types of mattress because latex is a natural material. Latex mattresses are made from latex boards, which are obtained by processing natural rubber and have 7 anatomic comfort zones.
  • Latex mattresses are incredibly permanent. The warranty on the mattress core Latex is 12 years old.
  • If you prefer a stronger mattress, then latex is the right solution for you, because it adapts to the body, but you do not have the impression that you “sink” into it, as is the case with memory foam.


  • Latex is 100% natural material,
  • Incredibly long lasting,
  • providing optimal support and comfort,
  • Uniform distribution of body weight,
  • prevents the growth of bacteria and heating,
  • Good regulation of air and humidity.

Memory foam

Memory foam is polyurethane foam of high elasticity. This foam adapts to the body in contact with pressure and temperature, equally distributing body weight. When the pressure is removed, the memories of the foam return to their proving form. This is also the biggest advantage of this type of foam that provides superior comfort.

Memory foam was created in NASA labs as early as mid-1960, as a material for making aircraft seats.

After testing for NASA, the use of memory foam has expanded. In addition to producing mattresses, foam memories are also used in the manufacture of helmets and shoes and found its application in medicine.

Memory foam mattresses are a very popular type of mattress in the world.

Benefits of foam memories are as follows

  • Even weight distribution of body,
  • Ideal body adaptation,
  • Reduced pressure on the spine,
  • Resistance to bacteria and mites.

HR foam – cold cast foam

HR foam (High resilience foam) is high-performance polyurethane foam that is characterized by long-lasting and high elasticity, that is, a pronounced effect of the spring and exceptional persistence and durability. These foams are most often used in combination with memory foam and latex foam in the production of high-quality polyurethane mattresses. HR foam is specific in that it returns faster than all foam to the original shape.

The mattress can have three, five, seven and more zones. The idea of ​​multiexon mattresses is based on the anatomy of the human body, which is not at all equal. The mattress areas are designed in such a way that the whole body gets a comfortable support, and the spine – the correct anatomical support. Multi-seat mattresses provide an added feeling of comfort, better adjustment and good support for the body.

Tips for selecting a mattress

  • If you are aware of the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation, avoid mattresses with springs that may have a negative health effect.
  • If you have severe pain in the spine, neck or back, choose a gel mattress. However, latex mattress and memory foam mattress will also relieve your back for a little less money.
  • If you like natural materials and can extract larger amounts of money, choose a latex mattress.
  • Memory foam mattresses provide optimum quality and price ratios.

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